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L.A and C from the full word Lotus Architecture and Construction (Lotus Architecture & Construction). We are a company that provides architectural planning and design, Interior Design and Construction Management and Supervision. Our presence comes out to address a number of local customers who are looking for quality and complete architectural services. In fact, more or less work experience is important, but the experience that has been a successful or failed experience is even more important. With us, we understand the journey to create a successful experience. A clear plan, a specific timetable, anticipation of challenges, and a high level of creativity, and a clear knowledge of architecture will surely get you what you want in architecture, architecture, decoration, architecture and construction management.



Anyone can provide a fair and standard work procedure as long as they have seen the work. But the true value of architectural job work is not just a standard work procedure. It is Evaluate Value Of Idea. Before entering a truly valuable architectural idea, analyzing data is essential, which will be a key basis for thinking and decision making that results in a client's project. For us to draw on the existing data, to highlight the strengths, weaknesses, weaknesses, weaknesses, opportunities, opportunities, and threats, to provide a good solution for the development of the project. We adhere to never fail any plans, it will ensure that you come up with the right decision.

Understanding the problem is important, but clearly understanding the use of solutions is even more important. It is an essential foundation to create. The solution that comes out of a comprehensive study is one of the great procedures of our work. In the direction that will ensure that your project is made up for the most logical reasoning.

One of the finest architectural projects in the construction project is the image and technical layout. All good ideas and all the right decisions to make to the building are to ensure that it is an architectural image that will be a big part of the project's decision makers. We have the art of doing and using technology from Sketch on paper, Drawing in AUTOCAD to Modeling 3d and Visualization Rendering to bring your project into a blueprint for construction.

The most accurate measuring line for assessing the value of architectural work is direct, direct, direct use. The anticipated construction time for the equipment to be installed, the installation method and the finishing work is necessary. Besides having a standard technical layout, choosing a contractor to ensure that your project gets as much as you expect. We have a lot of ways to choose builders, apart from just price consideration. Our goal is to ensure that the time, money, quality you want is balanced.

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What We Offer

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Why You Have To Choose Us?

We are organized, personable and easy to work with. We guide you through the process and adapt to your needs. We are readily accessible by phone and email throughout the project.

We work with a talented team who understands and shares our goals. This includes our in-house interior design team, as well as strong collaborations with contractors, landscape architects, metal fabricators, wood workers and concrete fabricators.

3d renderings provide a virtual tour of how a project will look throughout the design process and when complete. This ensures that everyone involved has the same shared vision.

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